Munich Re

Reporting Tool Power BI

Seeing and Understanding Data.

Munich Re is one of the world’s leading reinsurance companies with more than 11,000 employees at over 50 locations around the globe. We are working on topics today that will concern the whole of society tomorrow, whether that be climate change, major construction projects, gene technology or space travel.

Digital Analytics / BI


Enormous Workload for Basic Evaluation.

If analysis fails due to technical reasons, it is time for an update. That is what happened to our partner, Munich Re. Their datasets had evolved historically which lead to a slowdown of the analysis platform SAP Business Objects. The handling of this complex platform therefore became less accepted among Munich Re employees.


Easy, Fast and Visually Appealing

We needed a tool to create visualizations of standard reports and analyses without any hassle. A tool that was fun and kept us from getting lost in huge datasets. A tool that created an interactive, visually appealing report with just a few clicks perfectly tailored to the daily needs.


New Power.

At Munich Re, the self service analysis tool Power BI was available in the Microsoft environment. This tool ist suitable to create standard reports for the performance of communications channels. Many features enable a fast and detailed analysis and the basic design puts the focus on important facts. The interaction opportunities and the possibility to filter datasets enables spontaneous analyses in various levels of detail.
The tool is so flexible and automatable that the complex and cost-intense process of creating diagrams with data from various sources could be simplified. In the long run, this led to an increase in efficiency. New power with visual demands – with no big effort.

“For a few months we use Power BI. We’re very glad about all the different opportunities that this tool brings with it. The data provision is not complicated, the design is very clear and the interpretation works automatically. Power BI is now integrated in our IT architecture, along with our Datacube for tracking data of the most important communications channels, which is a very encouraging result.”

Dr. Reimer Stobbe, Munich RE