Munich Re

Understanding Customer Needs - Easy, Fast and Efficient.

Engagements for the reinsurer

Munich Re is one of the world’s leading reinsurers with more than 11,000 employees at over 50 locations around the world. Already today they are dealing with questions that will concern society as a whole tomorrow, whether with climate change, large-scale construction projects, genetic engineering or space travel.

Digital Analytics / BI


Knowing What’s Important.

What’s the use of knowing if the food at an event tasted good or the event itself was nice? Wouldn’t it be more interesting to hear wether the speaker‘s theme was considered valuable and if it changed the audience’s view on a specific topic or even the perception of the company? What matters in the end is the event‘s effect on the set goal, not the superficial quality of the event. When it comes to review, clients and other target groups are often asked the wrong questions and added value cannot be created. If the question for evaluating the same topic is frequently changed, then the improvement in satisfaction can‘t be measured and a comparability of responses can not be guaranteed.


Create Comparability / Measure Impact.

Together with netzeffekt Munich Re created a standardized pool of questions to compose questionnaires easily. Query criteria has been developed for allowing a comparable assessment while being tailored individually to subject areas. In addition, the workload during conception and production was reduced, especially when it comes to multilingual versions for questionnaires.


Construction kit for customer surveys

  • A standardized questionnaire, tailored to the needs of the customer and functional across different topics.
  • The tool minimizes the workload and guarantees the rating of success.
  • Predefined required questions enable comprehensive and long-term comparability.
  • Switching between five different languages makes it possible to increase efficiency.
  • The possibility of supplementing the questionnaires even gave flexibility to standardized question and answer types.
  • Easy in operation, creation and evaluation per click and multiple-choice.
  • Fast creation of questionnaires with a standardized briefing template.
  • Important insights on what drives customers and how to better meet their needs.