Renault Bank direkt Austria

Website Relaunch with Charm

A successful story for the Brand, User and Marketing.

The Renault Bank direkt is a brand of the RCI Banque and a daughter company of the automobile giant, Renault. Under this strong roof and with the worldwide financial experience of RCI Banque and the partnership of Renault as a car-manufacturer and an engine to the cooperation, Renault Bank direkt offers the best conditions for online savings for investors.

SEO / Technik / Kreation / BI


Time for Tuning.

The old Renault Bank direkt website lacked an appealing design and had a confusing structure. Content adjustments and changes were pricy due to an outdated CMS-version. The goal of the relaunch was to make the website smoother to navigate and easier to maintain. Doing so, an increase in conversions and higher ratings in organic search results were expected to follow.


French Charm meets Mobility.

The results of a deep analysis and a SEO-Audit of the old website formed the foundation of the design and technical concept of the new one. The focus was a credible brand communication, user-focused design and an optimized product presentation. With that, the brand should become more understandable, personal and authentic.


Better, faster, more user-friendly

The new website is recognized for a user-friendly and mobile-optimized appearance as well as a 90% faster loading time. In regard to that, the bounce rate has been reduced by 60% and the conversion rate has doubled.
Overall the products are represented in a clearer way in order to supply the users with meaningful information that are essential for a quick and simple product opening process.

netzeffekt did not only redesign the website exceptionally well, but they also considered an easy and simple maintainability. The necessary abrupt implementation of an offer has already shown how flexible we are now with the expansion of new content; a clear advantage in comparison with earlier.

Paul Siegl / Specialist Business Deposit / Renault Bank direkt Austria