The Fastest Mobile
Personal Loan
with AMP

When speed is key! Quick application. Amount paid out instantly.

Since 1953 the SKB Bank issues personal loans to their clients. 2019 called for an overhaul of the digital infrastructure for online loan application process: fast and mobile centric communication through Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) seamlessly support the USP of the new loan – Quick payout of the requested amount on the same day. Just reflecting SKG Bank’s motto: Fast. Easy. Affordable.

Creation / IT / SEA / Data & Tracking


The world is mobile.

Worldwide more people access the internet through smartphone than through a desktop computer. Everybody surfs, shops and catches up while out and about. Even in the finance industry the mobile focus has been felt clearly. Personal loans are no exception.
So what is the conversion killer No 1 on mobile devices? Long loadtimes due to mediocre internet service – consequently we see high bounce rates and lower conversion rates than on desktop computers. To avoid losing clients and have an as pleasant as possible experience for the user, a mobile website has to load fast and provide a pleasant experience for the user „on the go“ – this is best done by using the leading mobile technology (AMP).


A credit loan tailored to mobile phones.

Instead of using a traditional responsive layout, we created a designated mobile concept. This is the only way a credit approval process can work via smart phone. We included the following features in our campaign strategy:

  • Fastest load times thanks to leading mobile technologies (AMP)
  • Mobile optimized design and usability (small vertical screens)
  • Fitting product communication with modern story telling (video)
  • Mobile transaction with optimized application process (via smart phone)


What's the benefit?

AMP made the page lightning fast — a page speed increas of 19 % shortened the „first impression“ wait time significantly. The accessable presentation of introductory content makes browsing the site more pleasant and supports the usability.

This resulted in a considerable reduction of bounce rates by 37 %. Users leave a site within the first seconds if the load time is too high. This can be prevented through instand loading.

We were also able to tell a mobile optimized product story without limitations. The retention time increased by more than 42 % which directly influence the conversion chances.

Through usage of new technologies (AMP) in coordination with our mobile-optimized designs and the close cooperation between SKG Bank, netzeffekt and Google we were able to develop a lightening-fast mobile site that was perfectly matched to user needs. The results speak for itself, but we are sure we can do even better in the future. We’ll stay on it!

Michelangelo Buttitta, Senior Web Designer / Web Developer, (Creative Labs) netzeffekt