Online Advertising Pushes Store Visits


The TQSR Group is one of the largest restaurant operating companies in Austria with round about 1000 employees. Next to managing the Rosenberger Raststätten, TQSR is also franchisor for the Coffee Shop Company and master franchise holder for BURGER KING® in Austria. In this role, the group is responsible for all BURGER KING® activities in Austria and furthermore operates more than 50 BURGER KING® restaurants.

Digital Media & Business Intelligence


The Influence of Online Advertisement On Store Visits

Besides advertising the inhouse delivery services, it was necessary to understand the influence of online marketing campaigns on traffic in the individual restaurants.
Shop visits measured with GoogleAds-Account only show a fraction of all restaurant visits generated by online advertising. Only visits initiated by GoogleAds are tracked there.
This makes it difficult to have an effective budget allocation and optimisation of all online advertising channels with the goal to increase restaurant visits.


Business Intelligence with ShopVisit Tracking

Implementing the newly published ShopVisitBeta-Tracking von Google Analytics presented itself as the optimal solution. This function allows the tracking of restaurant visits from users that have visited the website before. Other than the ShopVisit-Tracking in GoogleAds, the function in Google Analytics allows the evaluation of channels that are not part of the GoogleAds network.

The influence of all online marketing activities from SEA, GDN to Facebook/Instagram and even display campaigns and direct cooperations can be analysed. Netzeffekt is Google Premium Partner and utilized the direct contact to Google to coordinate the requirements to activate the ShopVisitBeta-Tracking.

After restructuring the Google Business account and the GoogleAds account, the ShopVisitBeta-Tracking was ready to launch for the Google Analytics-Account of BURGER KING® Austria. To match the tracked restaurant visits as exactly as possible to a marketing activity, netzeffekt’s teams for digital media and business intelligence worked closely together to create a UTM parameter structure and a new campaign structure.


Research Online Purchase Offline

The newly created account and UTM parameter structure enables a flexible and detailed analysis of restaurant visits due to marketing activities, down to the performance of individual banners and ads.
Regular A/B tests provide insights concerning the effectivness of different combinations of ads and target groups in relation to restaurant visits.

The start of the corona pandemic and the resulting anti corona measures lead to uncertainty with restaurant visitors. An A/B test proved that a clear message about the delivery service increased restaurant visits by 25%.

By now, we are analysing the entire website traffic, including organic visits. That enables us to evaluate past campaigns, set the right focus for future campaigns and recognice and use new channels in a timely manner.

Through the granular tracking setup and evaluation of restaurant visits, we gain valuable insight concerning the ROPO effect of our online marketing activities. The implementation of the ShopVisit-Trackings in combination with the tracking of our online delivery service gives us a holistic picture of the resulsts, which enables us to allocate our budgets more efficiently.

Jan-Christoph Küster, MSc - CMO TQSR Group